Panic digital and 10" release (2012)
The Panic 10" release from 8cylinder was released in hand silkscreened jackets on March 7, 2012 and is limited to 100 copies. Copies of both the vinyl and digital release can be purchased from Bandcamp at:

 The Emperor's Champion digital and 10" release (2010)
On the eve of battle, one Space Marine in a Black Templars chapter will receive a vision from the Emperor of Mankind, whose remains lay in the Sanctum Imperialis on Terra. The Champion is adorned with the Black Sword and Armor of Faith, as has been the tradition since Primarch Rogal Don first bestowed the title upon Sigismund, Captain of the Imperial Fists and the first Emperor's Champion. Once anointed, the Emperor's Champion will lead the chapter in renewing one of four vows to the God Emperor.

The Emperor's Champion 10" release from 8cylinder contains four tracks, one dedicated to each of the four vows that a Black Templar can be bound to. It was originally available on 10" vinyl that was released in hand silkscreened jackets on November 3, 2010. The 10" vinyl was limited to 100 copies and is now sold out. The digital release is still available from Bandcamp at:

 Repatriation of Remains by Brown Angel, digital and tape release (2014, 2015)
The 8cylinder remix of Brown Angel's The True Cross is available on Repatriation of Remains. The original version appears on their Agonal Harvest album. Adam MacGregor from Brown Angel wrote the following about Repatriation of Remains:

"Repatriation of Remains" was previously released as an extremely limited cassette in January 2014 to commemorate a rare homecoming performance by Brown Angel at Gooski's pub in Polish Hill, Pittsburgh. These unreleased tracks and demo recordings provide another insight into our band and process.

Looking back on this release, I'm most happy that we included the cover version of "Rust Belt Noose," written by our longtime friends Kim Phuc, and the "True Cross" remix by 8cylinder, another old friend and visionary working in the dub/breakcore idiom. It's the least blown-out and raw-sounding track of the program; but I'm glad to revisit that quality of the band, present in droves live and during the demo phase, but sometimes lost or downplayed in the studio.

The contents appear here on Bandcamp with four bonus tracks, which are demo recordings from the pre-production of the "Agonal Harvest" LP, a pair of which date to 2006.

The tape release is sold out. The digital release is still available from Bandcamp at:

 The Entertainment digital compilation (2014)
A Pattern Unkind to Human Form from 8cylinder is available on The Entertainment digital compilation from Immigrant Breast Nest. Immigrant Breast Nest wrote the following about The Entertainment:

Immigrant Breast Nest has been in operation for five years and to celebrate we'd like to present "The Entertainment", our 50th release. Through the course of the compilation's 20 tracks, you can hear the past, present, and future of our label. Familiars from I.B.N.'s early days crash against newcomers with startling new sounds to present. We're always pleased to hear musicians break, trouble, and complicate electronic forms and genres: all the tracks here do that work.

Immigrant Breast Nest sprung from two people jamming in a Queens, NY furniture factory and has since run a course of mutation which cannot be charted by rational means. No evolution but a kind of arcane septicity. Just as the artists we represent perform impossible vivisections and outlandish experiments within their music, so have we sliced open the idea of the net-label and tinkered with its innards. Immigrant Breast Nest always remains a possibility, a convergence, a nucleus forming out of unrepentant creativity. It's infectious work and the infection is "The Entertainment".

Released on December 3, 2014.

The compilation is available from Bandcamp at:

 Generation RX Vol. 2 double tape compilation (2009)
Cut Out the Eye That Looked Away from 8cylinder was available on the Generation RX Vol. 2 double tape compilation from No Room For Talent. This release is no longer available.

  Cut Out The Eye That Looked Away by 8cylinder

 Breakcore in America CD compilation (2007)
Planeteater from 8cylinder was available on the Breakcore in America CD compilation from Reject Records. This release is no longer available.

 Circuits of Steel 2 double CD compilation (2007)
#2 from 8cylinder was available on the Circuits of Steel 2 double CD compilation from SSS Productions. This release is no longer available.

 Wigsplitter digital release (2005)
The Wigsplitter digital release from 8cylinder is available on Starpause's netlabel, mp3death. This 6-track release is available on the mp3death site (available in a .zip file).

 Sidetracked digital and double 12" compilation (2004)
Blastastic and Domecrusher from 8cylinder were available on the Sidetracked double 12" compilation from Mode of Proof. This release was also available in digital format. The double 12" release and digital release are no longer available.

 Circuits of Steel double CD compilation (2002)
Hot Summer Nights from 8cylinder was available on the Circuits of Steel double CD compilation from SSS Productions. This release is no longer available.