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2009 march 28: rave alert iv, girls on top edition, rector and steegske, ghent, belgium, miss redflower, ybrid, trash vor traxx, diti aka magma, baby kruger, valav, miss tix, mc sativa, andrea parker, irina palmas, lady lite, octopussy, toxica, o for odetta, mc: mary jane, rebecca ciaglia, daniella la luz, sexperimental, dee elfe and jelche
2009 February 26: Freaks of breaks, zorba, paris, france, with xanopticon, valav, jere, santa claus nihil vs bob vomi and sinead o'connick jr
2009 february 20: Brainstorm, katakomben, berlin, germany, with xanopticon, hecate, valav, cannibal brothers, rook vallade and raxyor
2008 NOVEMBER 14: sickboy and friends, jh zigzag, merksem, belgium, with sickboy, valav, beatlip, dj monorf, dj mr. orange
2008 october 17: breakcore gives me wood 6th anniversary, hof ter lo, belgium, with limewax, monster zoku onsomb, broken note, jason forrest, c64, nere's days in disneyland, valav and the rest of the woodcrew
2008 august 01: watch your step @ belvedere's, pittsburgh, with split horizon, prometheus burning, vasculator, simon slum, valav

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